Sachiko Kawai

Sachiko Kawai

College Fellow in East Asian Languages and Civilizations
Fall 2015 Office Hours: Wednesday 5-6 and by appointment

Sachiko Kawai first came to the United States to earn a MA in TESOL at CalState LA.

Chinese History 113

Chinese History 113 course poster

Chinese History 113. Society and Culture of Late Imperial China

Catalog Number: 8264

Japanese History 133

Japanese History 133 course poster

Japanese History 133. Discourses of Ainu Identity (1868-2008) - (New Course)

Catalog Number: 18621

East Asian Studies 108

EAS 108 course poster

East Asian Studies 108. Sages, Saints, and Shamans: An Introduction to Korean Religions - (New Course)

Catalog Number: 11441