Alexander Zahlten

Alexander Zahlten

Associate Professor of East Asian Languages and Civilizations
Director of Graduate Studies, Regional Studies East Asia (RSEA)
Spring 2017 Office Hours: Tuesday 11-Noon and by appointment at 2 Divinity; Tuesday 9-11 at CGIS South 132, RSEA
Prof. Zahlten


Alexander Zahlten received his Ph.D. in Film Studies at Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, Germany in 2007. He conducted dissertation research at Nihon University (2003-2005) and postdoctoral research at Meiji Gakuin University (2009-2011). Zahlten was Assistant Professor in the Department of Film & Digital Media of Dongguk University in Seoul, South Korea for one and a half years before joining Harvard in 2012. He teaches courses on the flow of film and popular culture across East Asia, the transformation of film and media culture associated with key socio-political moments in modern Japanese history, and the history of interconnection of medias in Japan. His research on film and audiovisual culture in East Asia, especially Japan from the 1960s onward, focuses on the connection between larger economic, social, and institutional structures and media aesthetics. Zahlten is especially interested in the dynamics of contemporary media ecologies, and his recent work explores topics such as various modes of reflexivity, 'amateur' production, and the media mix’s effects on the changing role of fiction. His dissertation mapped the transformation of systems of production / dissemination and textual meaning for popular film genres such as Pink Film, Kadokawa Film, and V-Cinema in Japan. His recent publications have examined the role of postcolonial fantasy in Korean “remakes" of Japanese films, the question of categories in a media mix environment, and the history of German sexploitation cinema. Zahlten is working on two monographs and an edited volume while on leave in Japan. He has curated film programs for the German Film Museum and the Athénée Français Cultural Center, Tokyo, and was Program Director for the Nippon Connection Film Festival, the largest festival for film from Japan, from 2002 to 2010.

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