Mark Dallas

Mark Dallas

Lecturer in East Asian Languages and Civilizations
Mark Dallas

Fall 2013 Office Hours: Tuesday 3-5

Mark Dallas is assistant professor of Political Science and Asian Studies at Union College, New York. He received his PhD in Political Science from the University of California at Berkeley in 2010. His book project examines the influence of the fragmentation of global production and regional production networks on development in China through a close historical examination of particular industries.  His research uses unique U.S. and Chinese Customs Bureau transactional trade data to map out in detail China’s involvement in regional East Asian and trans-regional production networks, as well as a range of Chinese data. He argues that China’s international integration into global production networks has presented Chinese policy-makers with political and policy trade-offs very different from those faced by the prior generation of export-oriented industrializers, which has profound implications for China’s regional economies and producer groups.

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