Ryuichi Abe

Ryuichi Abe

Reischauer Institute Professor of Japanese Religions
Fall 2016 Office Hours: Wednesday 4:45-6 pm and by appointment

2 Divinity Ave. #130B
p: (617) 495-4305
Peter K. Bol

Peter K. Bol

Vice Provost for Advances in Learning
Charles H. Carswell Professor of East Asian Languages and Civilizations
Fall 2016 Office Hours: By appointment, contact Molly Groome (mgroome@fas.harvard.edu)

2 Divinity Ave. #221
p: (617) 495-8361
Nara Dillon

Nara Dillon

Lecturer on Social Studies
Fall 2016 Office Hours: Tuesday 2-4

Nara Dillon received her B.A. in history from Williams College and her Ph.D. in political science from the University of California, Berkeley.

2 Divinity Ave. #230
p: (617) 495-8366
Carter Eckert

Carter Eckert

Yoon Se Young Professor of Korean History
Director of the Korea Institute
Fall 2016 Office Hours: Tuesday 10-Noon; on leave Spring 2017

2 Divinity Ave. #226B
p: (617) 495-8811
Janet Gyatso

Janet Gyatso

Hershey Professor of Buddhist Studies
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Harvard Divinity School

Janet Gyatso is a specialist in Buddhist studies, concentrating on Tibetan and South Asian cultural and intellectual history.

Divinity Hall 419
p: (617) 384-8000