Xiaonan Deng

Xiaonan Deng

Visiting Professor of East Asian Languages and Civilizations
Xiaonan Deng

Spring 2014 Office Hours: Monday 4-6

Professor Xiaonan Deng, Outstanding Humanity Professor of History at Peking University; Chair of the Academic Committee, the Research Center of Chinese Ancient History; Deputy Director of School of Chinese Classics; Member of the Academic Morality Commission of Peking University. In addition, Vice-Chair of Chinese History Association, and Chairperson of Chinese Society for the Song Studies.   


Major Publications include Invoking Imperial Ancestors’ Instructions in Early Northern Song Politics

(《祖宗之法——北宋前期政治述略》);Personnel System for Civil Services in Song Dynasty  

(《宋代文官選任制度諸層面》); Selected Papers of Historical Studies (《朗潤學史叢稿》);

Merit Evaluation, Seniority and Inspection in Tang &Sung(《課績.資格.考察—唐宋文官考核制度側談》);

and hundred other articles.


Awarded the Top-Ten Teachers of Peking University; the Praise of National Level Famous Teacher in High Education, the Prize for Excellent Achievements in Academic Researches by the Ministry of Education of PRC.


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2 Divinity Ave., room 35