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Jonathan Thumas

2020-21 Department Writing Fellow










2020-21 Department Media and Design Fellows





More about The Bok Center's Media and Design Fellows

The Media and Design Fellow supports innovative course development within the department, partnering with faculty and teaching fellows to design a variety of digital tools, course materials, and assignments for undergraduate courses and departments. MDFs create digital content, assignments, and resources, develop and support new teaching and learning practices, which frequently involve online tools, and build course materials, including media (text, video, illustrations, animations, websites) and ways for students to interact with these media. Additionally Fellows may offer workshops and other forms of guidance to help students complete new types of course activities.

Message from Leah Justin-Jinich for 2020–2021 Academic Year

We are all challenged in these unprecedented times to think creatively around newly-arisen obstacles in order to still teach effectively. I view these challenges as a call to innovate and create new practices--particular digital ones--that may, in fact, support student populations better in the future than the "normal" way we have approached education up until now. Now is our chance to newly consider ways to make courses more accessible, engaging, and equitable. Faculty and teaching fellows--please reach out to me and let me help you meet these new challenges! I am eager to support your digital teaching and make what may seem like a daunting, frustrating process into exciting--and even fun!--new ways of approaching education. I am available for appointments any day of the week. Do not hesitate to reach out to me by email.

I have also compiled this basic guide for where to seek help at Harvard for technological issues related with teaching:

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