Korean History 115. Korean History Through Film

Korean History 115 Professor Sun Joo Kim

Prof. Sun Joo Kim

This course examines the history of premodern Korea through a selection of contemporary Korean feature films. Films and dramas with historical themes and personages have been very popular in Korea. We will examine the content of such films, and investigate how “true” or “false” their representation of Korea’s past is, how they imagine and invent that past, and the ways they are useful in better understanding Korea’s history and its people’s lives and cultural practices. Some of the historical topics that this course introduces are: Chosŏn kingship, court structure, and politics; Confucianism; foreign relationship and war; social structure and people on the margin; gender relations and family; law and society; religions; arts and material culture; subversive culture; and quotidian lives of people.

See also: History