37 EALC Affiliates Recognized for Teaching Excellence

April 18, 2017

From http://bokcenter.harvard.edu/awards :

In conjunction with the Office of Undergraduate Education, the Bok Center hosts receptions twice a year to distribute Certificate of Distinction in Teaching Awards (known as "The Q Awards") for the Fall and Spring semesters, respectively.  The award is based on an overall score of 4.5 or higher with a minimum of 5 evaluations on the Committee on Undergraduate Education (CUE) section evaluations.

Recipients of the Certificate of Teaching Excellence and The Certificate of Distinction in Teaching for the Fall 2016 semester have been announced, and recipients will be honored at a reception in April. Congratulations to these wonderful teachers!

The department is proud to highlight the following award recipients in EALC:

Certificates of Distinction in Teaching for Teaching Fellows, Teaching Assistants and Course Assistants

Kyle Shernuk, Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding 47
Joelle Tapas, Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding 53
Kimberlee Sanders, Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding 53
Yike Li, Chinese Ba
Wei Xiong, Chinese Ba
Xiaoshi Yu, Chinese Ba
Ya Ting Fan, Chinese Ba & Chinese Bx
Xueyin Shao, Chinese Bx
Erqian Xu, Chinese 120a
Shiqing Gong, Chinese 130a
Xiuting Tan, Chinese 140a & Chinese 120a
Ying-hua Tsai, Chinese 130xa
Lingran Wang, Chinese 140a & Chinese 142a
Eric Swanson, Culture and Belief 57
Keung yoon (Becky) Bae, East Asian Film and Media Studies 110
Heng Du, Ethical Reasoning 18
Huijun Mai, Ethical Reasoning 18
Ming Tak (Ted) Hui, Ethical Reasoning 18
Hyeok Hweon Kang, Ethical Reasoning 18
Xiaoxuan Li, Ethical Reasoning 18
Dana Mirsalis, Ethical Reasoning 18
Masaru Mito, Japanese Ba & Japanese 130a
Takuma Miura, Japanese 140a
Miki Miyagawa, Japanese 120a
Heeyoung Ahn, Korean Ba
Michelle Hyun Choi, Korean 130a
Joel Wing-Lun, Societies of the World 12
Yuting Dong, Societies of the World 43

Certificates of Teaching Excellence for Lecturer and Preceptors

Jie Ying, Chinese Ba
David Sena, Chinese 106a
Mo Zhang, Chinese 120a
Xin-Yi Zhang, Chinese 130xa
Panpan Gao, Chinese 140a & 150a
Jie Zhao, Chinese 140a & Chinese 142a
Max L. Bohnenkamp, East Asian Film and Media Studies 116
Ikue Shingu, Japanese Ba
Heeyeong Jung, Korean 130a