Secondary Concentration, Area Track

Basic Requirements:

6 half-courses

Sophomore Tutorial:

EAS 97ab

Area Courses:
5 East Asia-related half-courses, one of which must be a historical survey course from the following list: History 1023 "Japan in Asia and the World," HIST 1602 "Modern China," SW 43 "Japan's Samurai Revolution," General Education 1136 "Power and Civilization: China," GOV 1280 "Government and Politics of China," General Education 1101 "The Business of China," General Education 1100 "The Two Koreas in the Modern World," KORHIST 111 "Traditional Korea," History 1820 (Vietnam), History 1821 (Vietnam), and History B-68 "America and Vietnam." This requirement may double-count towards your general education requirements. It is recommended that students take EAS 98 and at least two upper level seminars.
Senior Thesis:
Required. Joint and secondary concentration is for honors candidates only. Students doing a secondary concentration in EAS will take the senior tutorial of their primary concentration. They are also expected to participate in several seminars throughout the academic year, and join the EAS thesis writers' symposium in March. Please note that 99 thesis writing is taken in the primary concentration.
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