Alumni Video Series

EAS Connecting with Alumni

Where are they now? The Connecting with Alumni video series follows the paths our concentrators have taken after graduating from Harvard. From Tokyo to Taipei to the Harvard Medical School, they have traveled far and wide beyond Harvard's doorstep! Click on the videos below to listen to East Asian Studies travel stories, career advice, language guidance, anecdotes from study abroad, and what life was like as an EAS concentrator. 

Part I of the EAS Alumni Video series features Carl Kay, Class of 1978. Carl is the founder and president of Tokyo Way, a company specializing in experiential tours of the Tokyo area. He previously served as president of the Harvard Club of Japan. His initial interest in Japanese poetry as an undergraduate in East Asian Languages and Civilizations later informed the decisions he made when building his career; a 2013 Harvard Gazette piece, as part of a series covering Harvard's deep ties to Asia, highlights the path Carl has taken after graduating as an EAS concentrator.

Part II of the EAS Alumni Video series features Melody Wu, Class of 2014. Melody is currently a research assistant in mental health epidemiology at the Harvard Medical School. Hear what Melody has to say about study abroad opportunities through EAS!

Part III of the EAS Alumni Video series features Mimi Ito, Class of 1990. Mimi is a cultural anthropologist at the University of California, Irvine. She is also serving on the advisory board of Cartoon Network's STEAM Initiative. Mimi gives us some great advice on where your EAS degree can take you!