Chinese Language Program hosts 2nd Conference on Chinese Pedagogy

October 6, 2016


Chinese Language Program at ICCP 2016

The Chinese Language Program hosted its 2nd Harvard International Conference on Chinese Language Pedagogy (Harvard ICCP), a biennial event dedicated to fostering discussion on emerging trends in Chinese language instruction, on September 23-24, 2016. This year’s theme was ‘Innovating Traditions’. Workshops and presentations focused on methods to continually reform, innovate, and incorporate strategies and resources on existing pedagogy. Over 130 participants from 7 countries, 14 US states, 40 universities, and 15 pre-college institutions attended this session of the ICCP, sharing their latest work and establishing an international dialogue on a range of topics within the field. Proposals presented at the conference covered historical perspective and country-specific pedagogy, learning process, error correction and learner feedback, culture-enriched learning and authentic contexts, textbook design and compilation, vocabulary building and corpus construction, to name a few.

2nd Harvard ICCP 2016

Both the pedagogy workshops on the 23rd and the talks on the 24th were very well received by participants. Feedback from the conference goers included, “[ICCP was] very informative and inspiring,” [ICCP brought] “together a variety of new ideas and practices,” [the conference] provided “a great opportunity to interact with colleagues and to network,” and [participants were able to] “gain first-hand knowledge of the instruction style at Harvard” and “get new ideas for my own research.” At the conclusion of the conference, many participants expressed an interest in extending the next ICCP to a two-day event to learn and interact more with colleagues and speakers. In the spirit of international collaboration, we all look forward to an even more successful ICCP in 2018!

Harvard ICCP 2016 workshop



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