Chinese Language Program Wraps 3rd Pedagogy Conference

October 12, 2018
Chinese Language Program Wraps 3rd Pedagogy Conference

The 3rd Harvard International Conference on Chinese Language Pedagogy (Harvard ICCP) was held on September 28-29, 2018. The session's theme was "Making Connections."

Over 100 participants from 8 countries, 13 US states, 40 universities and 10 pre-college institutions attended this session of the ICCP, sharing their latest work and discussing how to expand language learning from the confines of traditional academic divisions, and integrate traditional classroom approaches with the proliferation of new and promising resources, tools, and opportunities available to 21st-century educators. Proposals presented at the Conference covered a variety of topics, including historical review, acquisition and application, input and output, teacher intervention and learner feedback, culture-enriched learning and authentic contexts, language and technology, and more.

Participants described the Conference as “very informative and inspiring”, “bringing together a variety of new ideas and practices”, and “a great opportunity to interact with colleagues and network,” and they were thrilled to “gain first-hand knowledge of the instruction style at Harvard” and “get new ideas for my own research”.

"At the conclusion of the Conference," the Chinese Language Program said in a statement, "many participants expressed their wish to attend next ICCP. Following this spirit, we all look forward to an even more successful ICCP in 2020."

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