Congratulations to our 2017 Graduates!

May 15, 2017

The Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations at Harvard University is pleased to announce its 2017 graduates. Our sincerest congratulations to the following students, their advisors, and families on their accomplishments! Degrees will be conferred at the 366th Commencement on May 25, 2017.


Ph.D. Graduates in the Program in East Asian Languages and Civilizations


Einor Cervone (Dissertation: Waterscapes: Aquatic Theater and Other Floating Pleasures in Late Imperial Jiangnan)

Ilsoo Cho (Dissertation: Discourses of Nation: Tensions in Early Modern Korea-Japan Relations)

Tarryn Li-min Chun (Dissertation: Stage Technology in Modern China: The Media of Revolution and Resistance)

Huan Jin (Dissertation: When Heaven Collapsed: Writing the Taiping Civil War [1851–1864])

Nuri Kim (Dissertation: History, Myth, and the Making of an Ancient Religion in Early Twentieth-Century Korea)

Sunghee Kim (Dissertation: Authority and Emotions: Kim Jong Il and Religious Imagination in North Korean Literature)

Xiaosu Sun (Dissertation: Performing the Bodhisattva Guanyin: Drama, Ritual and Narrative)

Nathan Vedal (Dissertation: Scholarly Culture in Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century China)

Yurika Wakamatsu (Dissertation: Painting in Between: Gender and Modernity in the Japanese Literati Art of Okuhara Seiko [1837-1913])

Hirokazu Yoshie (Dissertation: Quotidian Monarchy: The Portrait of the Emperor in Everyday Life in Japan, 1889-1948)

Chen Zhang (Dissertation: Learning to Write Naturally: The Problem of Southern Song Poetry in the Late Twelfth Century)


A.B. Graduates in the Concentration in East Asian Studies


Ashley Asencios (Thesis: KOKUSAI KEKKON: Discovering the Subjective Realities within the Romantic Fantasies and Reproduced Images of International Couples in Japan)

Michael Avi-Yonah    (Thesis: Work More, Get Less: Labor Regimes and Economic Stability in Shanghai 1945-1956)

Matthew Bialo

Olivia Campbell (Thesis: Explaining Japan’s Immigration Paradox: Nikkeijin and Care Workers in Japan’s Revolving Door)

Kennedy Edmonds (Thesis: The Fatal Crack: A Translation of the “Biographies of Eunuchs” in the History of the Later Han (Hou Han Shu), with Introduction)

Zena Edosomwan

Kristy Hong (Thesis: Dangerous Women: Gendered Articulations of Mental Illness in Colonial Korea)

Janice Jia (Thesis: Unfounded Optimism? Migrant Workers’ Perceptions of Social Mobility in Beijing)

Christopher Jury (Thesis: Hierarchy, Self-Image and Class Identification: A Psychological Interpretation of Samurai)

Anatol Klass (Thesis: The Republic of China and the United Nations System in Asia, 1945-1950)

Jackie Modesett

William Sack (Thesis: Soy's Ladder: Health in the Unmaking of Japanese Manchuria)

Christian Šidák (Thesis: China’s Oil Triangle: Analyzing Energy Politics Among China, Saudi Arabia, and Iran)

Sam Wu (Thesis: Ephemerae: Tradition and Innovation in Fujian Nanyin)

Richard Yuh


Harvard graduate