Further Resources

Asian Topics in World History: The Song Dynasty in China (960-1279)

This online module was developed at Columbia University under the faculty consultant Conrad Shirokauer. Headlined with the question, "Does modernity begin with the Song dynasty?", it uses the Qingming scroll to illustrate various aspects of urban life in Song dynasty China. It has a full reproduction of the scroll, as well as individual sections on "economic growth," "commercialization," "urbanization," "intellectual life," and "social changes."

Professor Valerie Hansen's Introductory Essay on the Qingming Scroll

Yale University professor of Chinese history Valerie Hansen's introductory pamphlet entitled "The Beijing Qingming Scroll and Its Significance for the Study of Chinese History." For Professor Hansen's more contentious study of the scroll, see her article The Mystery of the Qingming Scroll and Its Subject: The Case Against Kaifeng in the _Journal of Song-Yuan Studies_ 26 (1996) 183-200.

A Visual Sourcebook for Chinese Civilization [Section on Urban Life]

This website is taken from _A Visual Sourcebook for Chinese Civilization_, developed by Professor of Chinese history Patricia Ebrey at the University of Washington. In addition to a full reproduction of the scroll, it also has three individual sections: "Shops and Commerce," "Means of Transportation," and "Individuals and Groups." Each section has a set of useful guiding questions towards an appreciation of the rich details of the scroll.

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