East Asian Studies 98j. Junior Tutorial: The Political Economy of 21st Century China

poster for east asian studies  98j Chinese skyline

photo of Daniel Koss
Dr. Daniel Koss

This course examines central challenges facing the Chinese leadership since 2000, in (1) domestic politics, (2) economics, and (3) foreign policy. Concepts and methods from the social sciences are introduced to analyze topics including the SARS health crisis, the strained leadership transition to Xi Jinping, internet censorship, the great variety of protests, policy experimentation, factions in elite politics, ethnic minorities, state-led development with the emergence of companies designated as national champions, anti-corruption efforts, rising inequality, artificial intelligence (AI) in the country’s digital strategy, international power transitions, China’s entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO), the ongoing trade dispute, and the Belt and Road initiative. This is a junior tutorial with enrollment capped at 10 students.

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