Language Citation

How to Receive a Language Citation in an East Asian Language

The following merely lets you know the departmental role in the awarding Language Citations. See the Handbook for Students for more information.

Step One:  Determine which courses count toward a citation (refer to the chart below). The basic rule is two years' worth (basically four semesters, unless one is intensive) taken beyond the first-year level, with a grade of B- or above. Ordinarily, this means second year and third year; however, if you place beyond the second-year level, you can count more advanced courses where (a) the course is conducted in the original language, and (b) is approved by the Language Program Coordinator, Rebecca Mahoney. Courses taken outside of Harvard University count only if (a) the courses are listed on your transcript (please see the registrar regarding this process), and (b) if you have taken a placement exam administered by our program to confirm that you have reached the appropriate level. Both steps are required to count each course via petition through my.harvard. For students returning from study abroad: please note that in order to earn language citation credit, you must place out of courses at the second-year level or higher. First-year language study (including Bx courses) is not citation-eligible.

Step Two:  Follow the steps to submit a petition on my.harvard under the Student Home tab. Your petition will be reviewed by the Language Program Coordinator, who will follow up with you if further action is needed to approve your petition.

Step Three:  You must complete the petition process by the time you file your degree application (see the Academic Calendar for the exact date). Courses that count towards a citation:

Chinese: 120ab, 123xb, 130ab, 130xab, 136r, 138r, 140ab, 140xab, 150ab, 160, 166r, 168r, 187; Japanese: 120ab, 130ab, 140ab, 150ab; Korean: 120ab, 123xb, 130ab, 140ab, 150ab; Vietnamese: 120ab, 130ab, 140ab; Chinese Literature: 106ab, 107ab

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I get a citation if I am an EAS concentrator?

You cannot get a citation for the language that you are counting toward your concentration requirements, because a citation is supposed to reward "special effort" to learn a language outside of the concentration. However, if you go on to learn a second East Asian language, or if you minor in EAS in a track that would not require you to learn a language, then you may get a citation.

What about Bx and 123xb courses?

Chinese and Korean Bx are first-year courses and are not eligible for citation credit, but Korean and Chinese 123xb courses are eligible.

What about Chinese 142a/b?

Chinese 142 is considered a 'maintenance course,' and is not eligible for citation credit.