Si Nae Park

Si Nae Park

Associate Professor of East Asian Languages and Civilizations
On leave 2020-21
Professor Si Nae Park

Si Nae Park studies the literature and literary culture of premodern Korea within the larger context of the Sinographic Cosmopolis. She specializes in the inscriptional practices, history of reading, and linguistic thought of Chosŏn Korea. Park is currently working on a new book project to examine how auralitytentatively defined as both the vocalization of and listening to a text recited or read aloud by someone else—and social practices of reading shaped late Chosŏn literary landscape with a focus on late Chosŏn vernacular novels (ŏnmun sosŏl) as vocalized books. She is the co-editor of Score One for the Dancing Girl and Other Stories from the ‘Kimun ch’onghwa’: A Story Collection from Nineteenth-Century Korea (University of Toronto Press, 2016) and the author of The Korean Vernacular Story: Telling Tales of Contemporary Chosŏn in Sinographic Writing (Columbia University Press, 2020).  

Research Interests:

  • History of writing and vernacularization in Korea in the context of the Sinographic Cosmopolis
  • Time, place, and language in vernacular literature and writing
  • Ideologies of language and writing: linguistic nationalism, sinography, and script-nationalism
  • Aurality (shared reading of written texts), literacy, and literary circulation
  • Space and personhood: Seoul-centered politics of space and literature of the late Chosŏn period
  • History of the book and of reading: manuscripts in Chosŏn culture of texts
  • Literary migration and transcreation

COURSES IN AY 2019-2020:

Fall 2019:

Korean Literature in Translation (lecture)

Korean Writers, Books, and Culture of Texts (grad seminar)

Spring 2020:

Premodern Korean Literature (lecture)

Ideologies of Language in Modern and Contemporary Korea (grad seminar)

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2 Divinity Ave. #228
p: (617) 496-5355


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