David Atherton

David Atherton

Assistant Professor of East Asian Languages and Civilizations

David C. Atherton specializes in the study of Japanese literature and culture of the early modern period (also known as the Edo or Tokugawa period,...

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Tom Kelly photo

Thomas P. Kelly

Assistant Professor in East Asian Languages and Civilizations

Thomas Kelly is a scholar of late imperial Chinese literature. His research attends to the interplay between the literary imagination and Chinese...

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2 Divinity Ave, Room 230
EALC, Harvard University
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Spring 2023: Wednesday 1-3 or by appointment
Wai-Yee Li

Wai-yee Li

1879 Professor of Chinese Literature
On leave AY 2022-23

Wai-yee Li is the 1879 Professor of Chinese Literature at...

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Melissa McCormick

Melissa McCormick

Andrew W. Mellon Professor of Japanese Art and Culture
Harvard College Professor
Director of Undergraduate Studies

Melissa McCormick earned a dual B.A. in art history and Japanese language and literature from the University of Michigan (1990), her Ph.D. in Japanese Art...

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David Sena

David Sena

Preceptor in Literary Chinese

David Sena received his B.A. in Economics and Chinese Studies from the University of California at Berkeley, and his M.A. and Ph.D. in East Asian...

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Prof. Wang

David Wang

Edward C. Henderson Professor of Chinese Literature
On leave AY 2022-23

David Der-wei Wang holds a joint appointment in Comparative Literature. He is Director of CCK Foundation Inter-University Center for...

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Tomiko Yoda

Tomiko Yoda

Takashima Professor of Japanese Humanities
Director of Graduate Studies, 2022-23


Tomiko Yoda received her B.A. in Religion from Wesleyan University, M.A. in Oriental Philosophy at Nagoya University, and her M.A. and...

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