Yuko Kageyama-Hunt

Yuko Kageyama-Hunt

Senior Preceptor in Japanese
Yuko Kageyama-Hunt

Yuko Kageyama-Hunt has been teaching in the Japanese Language Program (JLP) since 2001, first as a preceptor, then since 2013 as senior preceptor. She has taught and/or revamped the curricula of several levels of instruction in the JLP. As senior preceptor, she serves as mentor to junior instructors and assists with program administration. Kageyama-Hunt received her B.A. in Linguistics from the University of Hawaii, and her M.A. in Linguistics from Cornell University. Specializing in linguistics and pedagogy, she has taught at Cornell University, Middlebury College, University of Hawaii, Beloit College, and Showa Women’s University. She also served as Officer of Japanese Language Training at the Foreign Service Institute of the U.S. State Department. She has published extensively on Japanese Pedagogy. Among her publications are Nihongo Kyooiku Hyakka Daijiten (Encyclopedia of Japanese Pedagogy) (contributor, Taishuukan Shoten, 2006), Hajimete no Nihongo Kyooiku (Introduction to Japanese Pedagogy) (co-author, ASK Kodansha 1996 and 2000), Nihongo Kyooiku Nooryoku Kentei-shiken Keikoo Tettei Bunseki Mondaishuu (How to Pass the Japanese Language Teaching Proficiency Test, Practice Test) (co-author, ALC 2000), Hajimete no Nihongo Kyooiku Kihonyoo Gojiten (Introduction to Japanese Pedagogy: Dictionary of Essential Terminology) (co-author, ASK Kodansha 1997), and Nihongo Kyoojuhoo (Methods of Teaching Japanese (video, ASK Koodansha 1997). Her research interests include the development of effective pedagogical approaches to teaching concepts of tense, aspect, and modality, as well as technology and media-based innovation for language instruction.


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