Chinese Film Fest

Harvard's Got Film Talent!

“the most entertaining two hours I had at Harvard this semester”
—Prof. Shigehisa Kuriyama, EALC Chair and Film Fest Judge

Every two years the Chinese Film Fest invites submissions from Harvard students studying Chinese.  Awards are given in the categories of Best Film, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Film Editing, and Best Song. The event has previously been sponsored by the Harvard Asia Center and the Harvard-Radcliffe Chinese Students Association. Over a hundred students, their fans, teachers, and judges gather in the Yenching Auditorium to cheer and celebrate outstanding student works. Harvard affiliates may view the winning entries by clicking on the links below (Google Drive) or by visiting this link (Sharepoint).


Previous Years' Winners


2017 CLP Film Festival Poster 2017

“公”夫 (Kung Fu Park)
艾康成(Constantin Arnscheidt), 孟天佑 (Saahil Mehta)
最佳影片 (Best Picture)
最佳剪辑奖 (Best Film Editing)
最佳人气奖 (Audience Pick)

我们永远不会结婚 We’ll Never Get Married
黄凯文(Kevin Huang), 朴志厚 (Jason Park), 徐莉 (Lily Xu)
最佳摄影 (Best Cinematography)

中文课和现实生活 Chinese Class VS Reality
唐义 (Jason Thong), 柯忆川 (Kelsey Ichikawa), 汪明修 (Matthew Watson)
最佳编剧 (Best Screenplay)

很厉害的学生 The Determined Student
何天仁 (Taras Holovko)
最佳表演奖 Best Performance

情人猫 Valentine the Cat
莫汉平 (Patrick McClanahan)
最佳表演奖 Best Performance

科技改变爱情 Romance in the Age of Social Media
王乐怡 (Sarah Wang)
最佳表演奖 Best Performance

金钱代表我的心  Money Represents My Heart
郭艾克 (Alec Grigorian), 朴宰玄 (Jaehyun Park), 王晓琪 (Chelsea Wang)
最佳配乐奖 Best Music


Chinese Language Program film festival

面试 (Interview)
范子涵 (Alexander Bucholtz)
最佳影片 (Best Picture)
最佳特效 (Best Film Editing)

广告‐潘婷 (Advertisement‐‐ Pantene)
李彦斌 (Jonathan Davis Reindollar) & 高凯波 (Caleb Theofilos Galoozis)
最佳摄影 (Best Cinematography)

他 (Him)
罗家宜 (Anita Lo)
最佳编剧 (Best Screenplay)

医院爱情故事 (A Love Story at Hospital) 
朱安奈 (Anna Sato)
最佳女主角 (Best Actress)

秘密 (Secrets)
丁路可 (Luke Demas) & 乐家浩 (Josh Bean)
最佳男主角 (Best Actor)

在哈佛 (At Harvard)
毕安豪 (Aticus Arthur Peterson),
穆远思 (Douglas Chase Muhlestein) & 毕远雄 (Sean Michael Bennett)
最佳歌曲 (Best Song)



1st Prize & Best Actor How Does One Make a Great Film

2nd Prize & Best Actress Chinese Family vs White Family

3rd Prize Dandelion School