Uyghur Courses

Uyghur A. Elementary Uyghur
Introduction to Uyghur, the Turkic language spoken in China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region and throughout Central Asia. Course covers grammar, reading and writing (in the modified Arabic alphabet adopted in the PRC), and conversation practice.

Uyghur B. Elementary Uyghur
Continuation of Uyghur A. Completion of basic Uyghur grammar, listening and speaking practice with the aid of audio-visual materials, selected readings from Uyghur literature and academic prose.

Uyghur 120A. Intermediate/Advanced Uyghur
Additional training in modern Uyghur, with attention to improvement of spoken fluency and comprehension. Extensive readings in a range of genres, including historical writing and academic prose as well as religious texts.

Uyghur 120B. Intermediate/Advanced Uyghur
Continuation of Uyghur 120A.

Uyghur 300. Readings in Uyghur Language and Literature
Guided readings in advanced Uyghur-language texts. May be repeated for credit.